World Language Consulting
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As World Language Consultants, we know that our role is to help you to help your students. You want your students to achieve the maximum from the time spent in your classroom and to become as fluent in the language as possible. We can help you to achieve that goal.

Our presentations, workshops and in-service programs are engaging, interactive, lively and enjoyable.

We show you:

  • How to enhance textbook activities to increase student engagement.

We prepare you:

  • Step by step, how to how to be able to successfully conduct the no-English classroom.

We work with you:

  • To create communicative activities and games based on your own textbook, designed to use the target language exclusively.

We involve you:

  • In the game playing and the strategies. You, in turn, use the same techniques with your students that you have practiced and learned.

Teachers who attend a presentation, workshop or in-service program will expand their repertoire of ideas, games, strategies and techniques. Our session leader, Ms. Gordon, is a dynamic, experienced and successful world language educator with over 30 years teaching and presentation experience. She has presented at local, regional and national conferences and conventions. She will work with you to custom design a workshop or in-service program to fit the needs of the world language teachers in the school, the district or the region.

As an added service, staff, along with Ms. Gordon, creates individual personalized sessions for teachers desiring one-on-one instruction. During these sessions, beginning as well as veteran teachers will experience and then begin to use the different games, ideas, strategies and techniques in their lesson planning to lead to better teaching and therefore better learning.