World Language Consulting
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Esther Gordon has taught French for over 30 years.  She has presented at local, state and national workshops and conferences and has exceeded the requirements for a Master of Education Degree by 30 credits. She is recognized not only for her accomplishments in teaching but also for her ability to engage and interest her students and foster their continued desire to learn and study both the language and the Francophone cultures.  She started World Language Consulting in order to help teachers take the next step from the textbook, to teacher created activities, which engage the students in interactive activities and games that use only the target language.  She was recently contracted by EMC/Paradigm Publishing to be a featured ancillary writer.

di Diana Ahl is a certified Spanish teacher in the state of Pennsylvania. During the past 17 years she has taught every Spanish course from middle school through Advanced Placement. She is International Baccalaureate certified in Spanish ab-initio as well as Spanish B Language. She has acted as liason to the Supervisor of Humanities for the World Language Program in the Lower Merion School District. She holds a Master's Degree in World Language Curriculum and Instruction and is currently pursuing a second Master's in Spanish Literature.
tom Thomas O'Brien is a certified Spanish and English teacher in the state of Pennsylvania.  He has taught all levels of Spanish from introductory through Advanced Placement at East Stroudsburg High School and Harriton High School of the Lower Merion School District.  He has written and implemented curricula for diverse learners at all levels. He has traveled extensively throughout Spain and Latin America and has organized and run excursions with students to Spain and Costa Rica.  He holds a Master's Degree in Spanish and a secondary principal certification and is currently the coordinator of the International Baccalaureate Program.
charles Charles Myers has taught all levels of Latin from elementary to Advanced Placement & International Baccalaureate to students from grade 3 to university over the past 42 years. He has made presentations at many national conferences on various topics connected with Latin teaching and implementing different curriculum materials for various groups of students. He has given demonstrations on computer assisted instruction in Latin at both regional and national conferences and has planned and led student trips to Italy. Additionally, he has also taught German.